life stages


life is the gift from Almighty God to its creatures whether human, ghost or wildlife.we are not going to discus about the ghost and animals but about human beings and there are some stages through which every human goes except the ones who dies in young age
1) The first stage is the school college and university life which is the most joyful as we meet each and every day with friends and go for outing and picnic point and no one has the burden on their shoulder from the family in this stage a man is like a horse without paddle” he runs to every corner and has no responsibility of earning managing and discussing the family matters
2) This is the stage after the graduation because this time you enters the professional life first step you take to have a good job and earnings for living and second finding a girl and getting married because if you say no you would be forced to marry and have a children nourishing educating and enabling them to stay on their on self to live
3) This is the stage of expiry and when your surrounding people respect you and treat you well then you must understand that the life has come to an end and soon you are going to meet with the deceased members of your family in the end we conclude with the fact that the life being spent was easy, hard and tactical.


every human being must understand that ” every soul will taste a death” so a good people are remembered after their death and bad as well but the good ones are remembered in a good discussion and a bad one in a bad decision.


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