How to start own farming business


Farming business can vary from the wild life to agriculture as today I am going to share some of my experience regarding animal farming which is so profitable but it requires patience and struggle from each entrepreneur first of all I am going to talk about .


Chicken farming:

Farming is the really sensitive business in chicken farming it requires much investment but the return is also very attractive a person needs to invest almost amount of 1 million pk rupees for 30 thousand chicks which takes almost 40 days to grow and become able to be sold .


It requires feed and the checkup of chicks each day from a professional doctor or a diploma holder if the chicks no are les than one thousand then it does not need every day checkup from a doctor a week is better for the cheek up.

Animal farming:

Sheep can be best for farming as the death ratio of sheep while nourishing is very few and it does not need a professional doctor for the cheek up and it has a good return on investment.


Method :

If a person takes 20 sheep on an the amount of 6 thousand per sheep the return will be doubled within a six months because it needs a person to to feed and grow up the sheep for six months only.


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