people and their thinking styles


In the world of seven billion each with different mentality, behavior and styles of doing an action or work stern-berg in his book “thinking styles” discovers three kinds of people that how do they work and the way the use their mind to think.

Legislative people

Executive people

Judicial people

Legislative people:

They likes doing things or work with their own way and they like to decide what and how to do work and they like to solve a problem with a new solution

Executive people:

They like to follow the rules that are already made they like to go into a existing structure rather than creating a new one.they like to solve the problem with available solution like solving a mathematics question

Judicial people:

They like to evaluate rules and procedure and judge the rules whether these rules are practiced well or not these kinds of people likes giving opinion and judging people of their work



People choosing their future in university should keep it in mind which kind of people they are and what suitable for their style in selecting the subject like medical , engineering, arts or management and if they chose according to their style and favorite they are going to succeed in life.


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