Does facebook ever fell you bad?

facebook Facebook is the application that connects friend, relative and stranger all over the world where everyone can share their daily experience on home, outing and journey. almost 2 billion people are using Facebook which are the most user than the rest of social medias.

The things which feels someone when a disturbing image , video from the sight of bomb blast shows the live bodies of killed and injured people.

second a religious photo which is updated by the admin with a message “If you love holy KAABA or MADINA” like it without scrolling it down that makes me feel really bad that how can someone promote his page through using religious photos.

thirdly without any authentication news are posted about the death of celebrity , star or famous personality. Facebook was created for the connectivity of friend and family members unfortunately the use of Facebook is negatively used by many people criticizing one another making fun of someone picture and becoming jealous of friends success doing negative comment may cause war between commenters and receiver.


the Facebook authority should adopt a policy like banning the comments which criticize or may cause a blasphemy act the authority should immediately block the person or group due to which conflict arises and a strict steps should be taken towards each user that violates and harms others privacy.



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