Ways to Spend your free Time!


Interesting ways to spend your free time and make habit of hobby like blogging, writing, content writing or to built a website which becomes your business from a hobby.


Website which provides blogging opportunity to every blog lover like WordPress, blogger, weebly.com a free account can be sighed up to create a blog with any of the above mentioned sites. A blog can be about many topics Articles, sport,hobby,education,fitness training,health and a photo blog. It requires the interest, knowledge and experience of blogger with that topic.if a blogger has no knowledge about above mentioned topics he or she can write about his own experience regarding cooking, gossiping and life hurdles.


A good writer is who motivates his readers and attracts the attention of people to his content and force the people to take action if something is not going right . A Pakistani female author who started her writing journey from the age of 17 and recently honored with the Oscar award.At the age of 17 writing started as a hobby and continued with fame.so starting writing does not requires a good topics but a life tragedy you have faced, a story and even a short joke which makes someone laugh.A monthly magazine “readers digest” published its reader stories, writing and a short joke and in return they are paid with a good amount depends on content. Starting from $50 to $200.


Built a business websites and increased the traffic of the site through some of website which provides traffic  the owner is charged with less amount through each visitor they brought . when it is realized that you have achieved the traffic goal go for your products which has more needs and demands in markets like new mobiles,shirts,shoes or any product seems most occupant of market. Provide new product arrived in market.


31 Replies to “Ways to Spend your free Time!”

      1. But i loved her story.. and trough her story i am thinking first time positive abt Pakistan. (Sorry to say) especially Swat… want to see soon✌🏼

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      1. I read “feelings of first century”..And for sure I ve got an idea abt blogging….Thank you very much…Try reading my post ‘Our rebellion for Jallikattu’ and Ur comments would really help me on the go..

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