ATR PK-661


Most of the people do not know about aviation especially in Asian countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh the people of these states have no knowledge about aviation. Aviation is most important sector in the economy of any state.
The incident of PIA ATR aircraft killing the entire passenger on board along with crew members increased the grief of victim families and also the tension aroused in local public about the low safety level of Pakistan international airline which may cause the local people to avoid PIA for any business or leisure travel.
The ATR incident brought so many controversies for the local public and the media to criticize the airline safety management and the untrained staff of aircraft for showing low commitment to the organization. everyone is agree and willing to criticized the airline but one should have kept in mind that before criticizing the airline or someone you should have a complete and accurate knowledge about that particular topic to depend your points and make it clear for the people to understand the reason of your criticism. I still remember the scenario of Media who were step ahead in criticizing the airline most of the anchor even did not knew that what aviation is but they were ready to criticize the airline.

If we talk about the staff management I just saw an headline on TV that the PIA chief says
“that one engine was not working and we hoped that it will reach to its destination as it has reached before using only one engine”
I just do not trust on such rumors’ as it is impossible for a professional person to say such a comments on such a critical time because can be responsible for the loss of valuable lives. everything I want to say that the media personnel may have heard wrong instead of “one engine left working during flight” the reporter may have heard “the one engine was not working during flight” so there is a huge difference in both comments and the reporter may have not thought it important and before confirming he would have just reported to the studio.


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