Winterfell……The winter is coming

Most of the guys here would be familiar with this name “winterfell”  if not I am going to tell you guys what exactly winter fell is and where is it located in the world?
winter fell is located in the north of seven kingdoms and it is the home of “stark family” or the wolf family the people of winter fell are fierce and resist they have saved the seven kingdoms for their king and they have scarified their lives to rest the people of westroes in peace.
Winter fell by whether is cold and mostly snow is there in cold weather in the north of winterfell lays the ‘castle rock” in the south “westroes” the capital of seven kingdoms and in the west the “river run’ and in the east the city of” meeren”.  it is the responsibility of northern people mean the people of winter fell and castle rock to guard the wall which is in the castle rock the wall is built to protect the seven kingdoms from the white walkers or the dead walkers.
THE WHITE WALKER:white walkerbbb.png




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