What is the black box of an Airplane ?


Black box in the aircraft records all of the data in the aircraft cockpit and ground and it helps the investigator to reveal the reason that why and how the aircraft crashed. Black box infact by color is red. The black infarct the aircraft consist of two parts, cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder they both can weight almost from 15 to 25 kilogram.

The cockpit voice recorder records all of the voices and communication between pilot and crew members and also the communication between the pilot and air-traffic controller and its also records the RPM of the engine the airplane speed in the air.
Flight data recorder records the speed, altitude, fuel and the roll of the aircraft.
Since 1960 all of the commercial aircraft are required to equip the airplane with the flight data recorder in order to know the real reason of the crash.

How the black box is found:

 The transmitter is fitted in the black box in order to find its location through the signal it transmit. The black box transmits the signal for 30 days from the site of plane crash location. The rescue team reaches the site through following the signals which is being transmitted from the black box.

Black box characteristics:

Black box can withstand 1800 degree Fahrenheit and 3400 g force. The black box does not open the management has to cut it into two pieces in order to take out the little tiny chip.The chip works for the black box like a memory card in mobile phone .And note one thing that all of the black box in the aircraft are not the same.

History of a black box:


David Warner in 1953 aviation investigator in Melbourne was facing a really hard task to find out that why a commercial passenger aircraft heading to Australia crashed living from Pakistan. Killing the entire passenger on-board and the one investigator among others was a David Warner, whose father was lost in a plane crash when he was just a young boy he was really interested in electronics machines he ended up working in the Melbourne aeronautics research lab.
The lost of wreckage and survivors also made the task of the investigator difficult to know the cause of crash so it compelled the David Warner to make a flight recorder the journalist named the flight recorder as a black box as it was full of black data.
David Warner was awarded with the award of Australia.

The first investigation of the plane crash using the Black Box:

When two aircraft, Boeing 747 collided each other on runway killing 193 people and it was the time for the black box to show its miracle and it did that after knowing and hearing to the cockpit voice recorder And the black box revealed that there was a confusion between the pilot and air traffic controller which was the cause of accident.

2001 plane accident:

In 2001 in November right after 911 the American airline flight 587 carrying 260 passengers falls from the sky to the ground.The people of America were again scared of a second terrorist attack, but the investigators were aware that it was not a terrorist attack but the pilot error after finding the black box it revealed that
” The plane experienced the wake turbulence and the pilot lost control when the Co pilot who was in control of the flight was doing with the rudder paddle in response to the turbulence”


The black box was a huge success for aviation and innovation in the technology of 20th century the black box helped to increase the safety in aviation industry.


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