MH370 mystery remains unresolved!

A Malaysian airline flight MH370 departs at 12:40 am Malaysian standard time (MST) in the midnight on Saturday from Kula Lumpur international airport to Beijing carrying 138 passengers and 12 crew members.The path between Kula Lumpur and Beijing is almost 4 and a half thousand mile and around a 6 hour trip for being 777 to reach its destination. after routine takes off passing igari pathway right after one hour of flying the flight MH370 disappears from the radar system somewhere in south china sea.
The next morning the Malaysian airline authorities release the statement
“we are deeply sadden with the news MH370”.
The Malaysian rescue team hunts for the MH370 along with china, Australia and USA. the search goes for 40 days with no clue of flight  MH370.

What happened to MH370?

MH370 departs on the 8th of march 2014 from Kula Lumpur international airport at 00:40 (MST) to Beijing. At 00:42 hours air traffic controller instructs the MH370 to climb 18000 feet and head to igari pathway.
After the igari pathway the flight crew members are instructed by ATC to switch the frequency to Vietnam oh chi Minh city and proceed.
The flight MH370 passes the igari points with the captain saying its last and final words “Good night Malaysia 370”
With the last words from captain to ATC the MH370 diverts left of its planned route.

One and half hours later, after the igari point there were no words from flight MH370.Both countries ground communicators tries desperately to communicate with Mh370 but there is no response from the flight.
Mh370 flies for 7 hours and the last time it was seen on the south Indian ocean on a radar system.vlcsnap-2017-01-11-09h56m11s110

Important systems which were switched off or malfunctioned in flight MH370:

Transponder or tcas:

Transmits the messages from aircraft to ground, which are the speed, altitude, destination and fuel.

ACARS (aircraft communication addressing system):

Transmits the information about pressure, temperature within the engine and also the oil level of aircraft. ACARS are designed to transmit the health status of aircraft to the ground and it should be never switched off in flight.vlcsnap-2017-01-11-10h04m55s12

It has been 3 years since the crash the investigator could still not known the real cause of the crash.
sources (DD news,CNN, National geographic and 60 news)

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41 thoughts on “MH370 mystery remains unresolved!

  1. Your article reminded me that we were in Beijing at the time of the loss of MH370. The Chinese cannot protest too freely but they were protesting where they were permitted. The traffic was gridlocked for some time. We could see the anguish on the faces of the families as they sought answers for their loss. Sadly, there are still no answers for those families. Thanks for your post. Let us not forget this tragedy.

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