Feelings on first century!

Deere Deere manana ” it is a Pashto language phrase which means “thank you so much” today as I hit 100 followers so I thank all those bloggers, my fellows who followed my blog, took their precious time, provided their feedback, appreciated my post and their Inspiral comments helped me to work hard and provide more good contents for readers.
When i started my blog 7 months back from today in July of 2016. At the start I was nothing not even aware about anything related blog and I was not sure about what topic to write about.I had no followers for 3 months I stopped working on my blog for a month and after a month when my semester ended, I was free nothing to do so I decided to restart blogging and did. I did research about blogging for a long time and came to this decision to write about any stuff in which I am good and the stuff in which I was better was “ Aviation sciences“. So most of the post in my blog which will be on aviation related topics.
Once again, I thank you all for supporting me and stay tune for more topics with interesting contents providing basic knowledge about aviation that everyone should have.


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