Hills into a white desert !

Snow brings cheers on so many faces and a good news for the farmer as it has so many benefits to the soil, keeping the roots safe and a mean of watering the plants for months and even years without needing the worker, by the way I will come to the topic,

It was the Friday morning when I woke up in the bed with a surprised snow in the lounge of my home, I prepared and went out of home just to play snowball with friends hitting one another hardest one can do, Hitting on a sensitive physical area like eyes, head, nose and the ear to avenge and feel the opponent more pain. At the time I realized a bit about human psyche that one gets happy when he hurts another fellow, and tries to hurt more how much one can”. it took one and half hour to end the wild game And planned to go out of the city into the hills far from the city, and we did as we planned, grabbed the luggage and eatable goods and started our journey toward the hills. It was so dark on the way it seemed like a night, although it was just 3 pm.

As we reached into the hills which are in a village in Pakistan called “Ziarat” after traveling one hour we saw white desert instead of green one which were usual, tried to climb, but we could not because it was so deep like a desert, we climbed but  we did not reach top of the hill although we faced many troubles but we enjoyed most and we saw a white desert instead of dark and gray hills.



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