Airline Passenger`s compensations:


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Today I would like to share some of the interesting facts about airlines, which most of the travelers are not aware about unfortunately, those facts includes the rules of federal aviation authority, the EASA, and the civil aviation authority of each country has specified for the airlines about the compensations of passengers in case the flight delays for more than four hours then its schedule time, then the airlines has to provide the following services to passengers,

  • Provide the quality food, refreshments, and drinks.
  • Facilitate the passengers with a phone calls, an email and a fax text.
  • Giving hotel accommodation and provide the transport between airport and hotel if needed.
  • Refund of total amount paid for the ticket within 7 days if the airlines suspends trip.

So, all of you do remember if your flight is delayed for more than four hours for any reason except the bad weather and technical fault in the can have all of these services from the airline. And if you want to take an alternate flight you have the right to take.


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