How to go back to China during Pandemic?

Recently, many foreign friends have been paying attention to the policy of coming to China. Now we have the latest information.

Necessary for the key enterprises of economy, trade, science and technology of the city to invite foreign management and technical personnel to come to China, they can apply to the district Prevention, Control and Command Office of the district where they are located, and the provincial foreign affairs Office will issue the invitation letter to China after the examination and verification according to the procedures.

Conditions for applying for express lanes

China has signed fast land agreement with seven countries, namely, South Korea, Germany, UK, France, Switzerland, Italy and Singapore.Employees from the seven countries will be qualified for the application if they are key members in such business sectors as commerce, logistics, manufacturing and technical services or they are working for major industrial companies and high-tech projects. They can apply for the fast lane after having been granted an Invitation Letter to China and a valid visa.

SMEs also can apply

Allowing more companies to apply for invitations to enter China. SMEs can submit applications through the District Virus Control Department.

Only companies that arrange charter flights can enjoy the fast track policy. Employees of companies that do not arrange charter flights will be quarantined for 14 days.The GZ government is discussing charter flights with foreign Chambers of commerce. SMEs enterprises can contact with foreign Chambers of commerce or large enterprises, can arrange charter flights.

Successfully extend my visa, can I leave the Chinese mainland and then come back within the valid duration of stay?But you need to apply for an invitation letter before entering China. If you fail to apply for the invitation letter, you will have to wait for the Chinese mainland to reopen the border and return within the validity period of your visa I’m in overseas, how can I apply for visa to enter China?

According to the latest requirements,submit your visa application and obtain a valid visa result at your local Chinese embassy or consulate.

Apply for Visa Extension

You can apply for an extension of your visa at any time until the outbreak is over. Each extension of stay shall not exceed the length

Guangdong province is gradually easing the restrictions on foreigners coming to China. We will continue to pay attention to it and update it in time.


Three stages of the world

I heard a story about Alexnder . Once he was on a journey he found a small box with three holes in it, he took the box and look into the first hole what he saw was the world in despair and poverty, He didn’t like it and looked in to the second hole, He saw a prosperous and beautifull world he liked it a lot and quickly looked into the third hole but it was not as he imagined as the world was in fire and chaos, so he just threw the box and sat upsat and depressed.

The first stage he saw was the time when the people were poor and there were hunger and poverty all around the world if we go back to history

The second stage was the 20th century or before where we witnessed the history as the prosperous and peacefull no invention and no big war were raged against humanity.

The third stage which passed a little and still going on the chaos, terrarism and economic depression, we are witnessing things the world didn’t see it before the biggest one is the lockdown and the virus. And we may see more disaterous events in the future. As we can see the outrage of coutries and its leaders towards another country. We may see more wars. We may see more viruses and we may see more deaths.

I hope and pray I am wrong.

Fault in our stars

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Guest post from a friend in Uzbekistan

“The Fault in Our Stars” is one of those books you can’t stop reading, yet you never want it to end. It’s warm, light-hearted and deals with a sensitive topic like cancer in such an understated and subtle way. You feel it’s just one of life’s many problems and, even though it’s a very serious matter, Hazel and Gus teach you that you can’t let an illness like cancer affect your love for life.
This book is precious. It tells you that you can’t give up even when something is trying to stop you from enjoying a happy life. It’s a rare book that’s emotional and full of light.
The Fault in Our Stars is something that will appeal to everyone, as it pulls on your heart strings and makes you giggle. But most importantly, it makes you think about how valuable love is, how short a life can be, and how just one person can change your life in the most simple way.

The Fault in Our Stars is a novel which tells the story of Hazel Grace Lancaster, a 16 year old girl who has had cancer for three years, and Augustus ‘Gus’ Waters, a 17 year old boy who’s now in remission, and once had a tumour in his leg. The two fall hopelessly in love, even though they know their story will only end in heartbreak.
Hazel Grace Lancaster hasn’t experienced the ‘awkwardness’ that is teenage life in three years after being diagnosed with cancer when she was thirteen. Forced by her mother, Hazel Grace reluctantly goes to a cancer support group to meet others who supposedly understand what she’s going through.
This bland and truly miserable support group is where she meets the charming, charismatic and unremarkably handsome Augustus ‘Gus’ Waters, an amputee whose optimism towards life interests Hazel. Gus becomes immediately attracted to Hazel and, though the feeling is mutual, Hazel knows that their love is doomed from the start.
However, Gus still charms Hazel. He changes her life by giving her, as she states: ‘Forever within the numbered of days’ and changing her attitude towards life.
The two travel to Amsterdam to search for the author of their favourite book, ‘An Imperial Affliction’, where their relationship blossoms and they learn that life, with or without cancer, is hard to face in general, and sometimes those who advise you to make daring and impulsive choices can’t always pluck up the courage to make their own.


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Afghan women facial tattoo

Tattoos are very normal in Afghanistan especially among Pashtun women, except they are called “Khaal” ( means dot, because the tattoos are mostly drawn in form of dots) . It was, and in most of villages, still is considered a sign of beauty among young girls and women. Most of the women got their facial tattoos before marriage. It’s a pre-Islamic scythian habit that still exist in some tribes. They get it done by holding several sterilized sharp needles in the spot they are getting the tattoo, usually done to them by another elder woman who is known in the village for doing them. Some pashtun tribes like Sarbani are believed to be the descendents of Scythians (saka). The scythians were famous for thr tattoos. Herodotus testified that the Scythians wore tattoos as a sign of their nobility. A Scythian without tattoos showed that he was of low station. The existence of Scythian tattoos was confirmed in 1948, when a Russian archaeologist uncovered the frozen body of a Scythian chieftain. His tattoos included stylized images of a stag and a ram on his right arm, two griffins on his chest, and a fish on his right leg. The ice maiden, mummy of an scythian women, also has the mark of an animal-style deer tattoo..

Tattoo markings amongst Pashtun nomadic Tribals

Among the Ghilzai branch of Pashtun, the system of tattoes is, more or less, a mark of tribal identification. The marks are usually made on faces of the women, but in few cases, they have been observed on the forearms of the men also. Although they are considered to give added beauty to the women, it would seem probable that their original use was to facilitate the identification and recovery of women captured during raids. Some of the markings used by various clans of Ghilzais are;

(1) Single dot low on middle of forehead and chin, three dots on both temples.
or (2) Single dot low on middle of forehead and chin

(1) Single dot low on middle of forehead, three dots on both temples.
or (2) A single dot low on middle of forehead.
Or (3) Small almond-shaped marking with dot on centre low on middle of forehead ; four dots on both temples and chin.


Circle of eight dots with one in center.
Sulieman Khel, Ali Khel and Aka Khel
Trifoliate design of palm leaves emanating from a small circle placed low in middle of forehead ; ring of small dots on both temples and chins

(1) A small design representing flower and flower stem with two lateral leaves on the middle of the forehead and a single dot or small circle on chin.
or (2) ‘W’-shaped marking with ‘V’ joined below it in centre of forehead , a single dot on chin.
Or (3) Single dot on forehead and chin and three dots on both temples..
A guest post

Why did I restart blogging after 3 years?

I started blogging in 2017, and it was my first time to have my own blog. A friend suggested to start a blog and work on it in my free time, and I did as was told by friend.

Started working at airport.

After working for 3 months on my blog, I was disappointed with my views and subscribers so I just left blogging, and started working at airport as a customer service agent. Worked there for a year and wanted to go abroad, so I choosed china in order to learn chinese language and culture. One year in china and came back home, suddenly a virus appears and the world reacts for containment measure. The result comes out as lockdown of countries and restrictions of travel bans.

Will I go back to China?

I come home for some days and plan was to go back, but waited for the virus to over. As time passes so as the virus spreads to other countries and restrictions imposes on travel around the world. Here I am waiting for the normalization. But little hope. It has been two months sitting home, getting bored and hoping for normalization but no hope of good signe.

How did I know about my abandoned blog?

I decided to do something in order to keep myself busy, opened my email, found a mail about wordpress. Soon I relized this quarantine is a perfect time to restart and work on my blog.

What is my advice for new bloggers?

I would like to say that keep blogging no matter you like or not. If can’t do a post daily keep it weekly, if still not possible, do it monthly, but keep blogging in your free time. Dont worry about views and subscribers. Keep blogging good contents and the site will catch more eyes from different countries.

How I went from 1 to 400 subscribers?

I started with a single subscribers and that was also from my second email address. But today I have more than 400 subscribers.

Why are subscribers not important?

Subscribers are not important as the content a blog provides, Because a blog gets more views from search engine not subscribers. So if you come up with good contents the search engine will automatically prefer the site.

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Is knowledge really a power?

I was watching a small clip from game of thrones series, where little finger a well known character says to cersi that “knowledge is power” as she hear this cersi asks the guards around her to seize and cut his throat, the guards follow the orders and do as ordered to put the sword on his throat. Little finger scares and cries for help. Right there cersi asks the guards to leave him. Little finger breaths out and relaxes for a moment. When cersi makes a very good point saying “powere is power”

If you ask 100 people about knowledge is power, in this case the answer may be in yes but only two percent. When I heard for first time this statement , I was like in doubt if this is accurate and 100 percent proved. Then I thought and imagined for a while and got a point.

Lets take an example of the recent pandemic of coronavirus. Taiwan a neighbour country of china where the outbreak started first. So taiwan a country that has a great inflow of chinese travellers was supposed to be effected most but not.


Because Taiwan had the knowledge about the severity of this virus and they knew aboit early outbreak of this virus in December 2019. So rather than listening to WHO. Taiwan worked on thier own and took every precaution measure to defend the country against the virus, so did they defeated the virus and the life goes normal in Taiwan the only country in the world.

Hence I proved myslef that knowledge is power if there is impact.

A goal or aim is achieved if there is a complete knowledge of particular things needed in getting the goal.

If you want to overcome the enemy you must know the weak and strong points of your opponent.

Knowledge is power when its used for the good of humanity.

Airline Passenger`s compensations:


Screenshot - 8_3_2017 , 12_07_34 AM

Today I would like to share some of the interesting facts about airlines, which most of the travelers are not aware about unfortunately, those facts includes the rules of federal aviation authority, the EASA, and the civil aviation authority of each country has specified for the airlines about the compensations of passengers in case the flight delays for more than four hours then its schedule time, then the airlines has to provide the following services to passengers,

  • Provide the quality food, refreshments, and drinks.
  • Facilitate the passengers with a phone calls, an email and a fax text.
  • Giving hotel accommodation and provide the transport between airport and hotel if needed.
  • Refund of total amount paid for the ticket within 7 days if the airlines suspends trip.

So, all of you do remember if your flight is delayed for more than four hours for any reason except the bad weather and technical fault in the can have all of these services from the airline. And if you want to take an alternate flight you have the right to take.

I am really happy to announce that some of my fellow bloggers nominated me for the blogger awards, It inspires me to work more on my blog and do provide the best contents for the beautiful readers out there,I want to thank my friends, who nominated me, And I would suggest that do visit their blog which are as follow.

Anju :
She has got a beautiful blog with interesting poetry and much more about life, do visit her blog and provide your feedback.

Lakshmi :
She is my blogger fellow from India, She has got beautiful blog in fashion and beauty.

A good blogger with a great talent of gaining the readers, the blog is about Poems.

Alison :
Another great blog with Inspired quotations from famous people and their deep explanation.

I hope you guys will check out their blogs and collaborate to promote and grow one another blog.


Hills into a white desert !

Snow brings cheers on so many faces and a good news for the farmer as it has so many benefits to the soil, keeping the roots safe and a mean of watering the plants for months and even years without needing the worker, by the way I will come to the topic,

It was the Friday morning when I woke up in the bed with a surprised snow in the lounge of my home, I prepared and went out of home just to play snowball with friends hitting one another hardest one can do, Hitting on a sensitive physical area like eyes, head, nose and the ear to avenge and feel the opponent more pain. At the time I realized a bit about human psyche that one gets happy when he hurts another fellow, and tries to hurt more how much one can”. it took one and half hour to end the wild game And planned to go out of the city into the hills far from the city, and we did as we planned, grabbed the luggage and eatable goods and started our journey toward the hills. It was so dark on the way it seemed like a night, although it was just 3 pm.

As we reached into the hills which are in a village in Pakistan called “Ziarat” after traveling one hour we saw white desert instead of green one which were usual, tried to climb, but we could not because it was so deep like a desert, we climbed but  we did not reach top of the hill although we faced many troubles but we enjoyed most and we saw a white desert instead of dark and gray hills.


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